Tween Portrait Session Giveaway!

May 25, 2009


Hey tweens! Want to score a free portrait session that’s all about YOU? Then keep reading!
Picturesque Memphis is giving away a session (worth $125!) to one lucky tween between the ages of 9 and 13. If you’re chosen, we’ll talk together and pick out the exact location and props you’d like to help capture your unique personality and interests!

Plus, you will be one of Picturesque Memphis’ valued spokesmodels! What does this mean? Well, you and your parents’ opinions about products, presentation, and other important business aspects will be highly important! You will also receive some adorable referral cards to give out to friends and family who need portraits. And the best part? You’ll receive rewards when they book sessions!

Sounds great, right? Here’s what I need from you for your entry:

1. A recent photo of just you. This is your way of showing me YOUR unique personality! Be creative and use your outfit, hair, props, etc to showcase your attitude 🙂

2. A written statement (work together with mom and dad!) telling me just how you plan to promote Picturesque Memphis as a spokesmodel. Consider a variety of ways: your school, online networking (Facebook, etc), parents’ contacts/coworkers- put your thinking caps on and show me what you’ve got!

3. A written statement from your parents permitting you to enter this contest and me to use your entry in promotional materials.

Email these together to picturesquememphis@gmail.com – and put “Tween Giveaway” in the subject line. Include you and your parents’ names, along with a phone number to reach you at.
Deadline is June 20th– so get creative! I can’t wait to see your entries 🙂

*Award: (1) Complimentary Portrait Session for the tween only (1 hour long- further details on “Investment” section of website).
*No prints are included.
*Pictures taken will be used by Picturesque Memphis in promotional materials in print and online.
*Winner will be selected based upon creativity and ingenuity. Picturesque Memphis reserves the right to edit/revise contest guidelines based upon response.


One comment

  1. hello your site is interesting, Id like to get tips on how you put your name on your photos Ive tried with photoshop and having no luck.. also I like your spokesmodel giveaway idea.. So i have had give away ideas but not sure how about doing that,, could you please get back with me.

    Porter Creations Studio

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